1. Best Public Procurement Project of the Year Award – (The project should not have been completed earlier than January 2021)

Recognize the best Public Sector Supply Chain project Specialized complex project with three main pillars-Scope, Value for money and Risk Provide project execution documents eg tender documents; project team; progress reports, certificate of completion etc

2. Best Private Sector Supply Chain Project of the Year Award. (The project should not have been completed earlier than January 2021)

Recognize the best Private procurement project Specialized complex project with three main pillars-Scope, Value for money and Risk. Provide evidence of Project execution documents over the project life cycle.

3. Best Supply Chain Innovation of the Year (The innovation should not have been commissioned earlier than January 2020)

This award is awarded to a company that demonstrated success implementing innovative processes or technology which produced quantifiable, impactful and sustainable improvements in cost-savings, revenue, customer satisfaction, or other measurable criteria. Key Criteria: Impact, Originality, Concept, Value.

4. Best ICT Adoption in Supply Chain of the Year Award

This award celebrates the organization that is leveraging a supply chain-specific technology to change the way it does business, build new capabilities, and improve performance across a number of quantifiable and qualifiable metrics. The entity should indicate which ICT System is being used; technology journey; its features and impact to the business.

5. Team Excellence Award

This award recognizes an all-star team that consistently goes above and beyond to deliver results and going the extra mile to support their stakeholders. Did this team demonstrate a clear vision, mission and plan to achieve them. Did they communicate, collaborate and support one another to achieve their goals? Did this team really demonstrate their value to the organization?

6. Best County Supply Chain Management function of the Year

Recognizes supply chain management functions of county governments that have set the pace in public sector procurement.

7. Supply Chain Rising Star Award(under 35)

Recognizes young upcoming Supply Chain Management professionals (under 35 years) who have: 1. Shown proven commitment to learn and gain knowledge, and have applied their achieved skills to deliver improvements within their Supply Chain field. 2.Demonstrated ability, dedication and shown exemplary performance and especially where the nominee has been able to use new techniques, technology or developed new processes in Supply Chain Management

8. Supply Chain Academic Excellence Award

Recognition of the best student in supply chain management. Provide: Evidence of Academic course being pursued, KISM student membership, KISM activities participated in and demonstration of Leadership

9. Unsung Hero of the year Award

This award is presented to an individual contributor who has gone beyond their designated role in supply chain management to carry on despite the risks and challenges

10. Best Supply Chain Research Paper of the year Award (Paper done in 2021/2022)

The Category demonstrates the best scholarly Supply Chain Research Paper. The paper should have been published

11. Supply Chain Diversity and Inclusivity of the Year Award

This Category recognizes organizations and institutions that have implemented/applied successful diversity and Inclusivity programs that have; 1. Unlocked innovation and business value 2. Provided more opportunities, support, mentorship for diversity and inclusivity within the Supply Chain. 3. Built a community of suppliers that reflects their various backgrounds embracing and celebrating their differences and their collective strengths.

12. Experienced Supply Chain Professional of the year award (over 20 years’ experience)

Should be a procurement professional; Demonstrate performance, experience, and adherence to professional standards.

13. Best supply chain student of the Year Award

Recognition of the best performing student in Certified Procurement and Supply Professional of Kenya (CPSP-K) and Associate in Procurement and Supply (APS)

14. Women in Supply Chain Award

This award will recognize a female leader that has made outstanding contribution and has demonstrated excellence in the field of Supply Chain. Open to all companies and individuals, this award will also raise awareness of the diverse opportunities available in the supply chain profession – encouraging greater numbers of women to work in the sector and thrive. View Criteria

15. Humanitarian Supply Chain Award (Non-profit/international/Third sector)

This award is for individuals who have distinguished themselves by meritorious participation in an act, operation, or for prolonged service of a humanitarian nature directed toward an individual or groups of individuals. Documentation must provide evidence which substantiates their participation.

16. Organization applying sustainable Supply Chain Management practices

This award recognizes organizations applying sustainable Supply Chain Management practices.

17. Special Needs and Persons Living with Disabilities in Supply Chain Award

This award will recognize both special needs male and female persons living with disabilities that have performed exemplary well in Supply Chain.

18. Best Supply Chain Management Curriculum of the year Award.

Recognition of the best curriculum in Supply Chain Management in terms of Period, Objectives; Content; Instructional methods and materials recommend for instruction.