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SPURS Awards 2022 Winners


1. What is the KISM SPURS SCM Excellence Awards?
This is a national platform for recognizing exemplary performance by individuals and companies in Supply Chain Management in public and private sectors

2. Why should I enter?
The KISM SPURS SCM Excellence Awards seeks to identify and recognize exemplary performance in Supply Chain Management. The winners will set the pace for best practice in Supply Chain and serve as a benchmark for other individuals/firms. In addition, the KISM SPURS SCM Excellence Awards will give an individual/organization competitive leverage.

3. What is the entry process for nomination?
The individual/firm will be required to complete and submit the online Google submission form

4. How many awards are available?
A total of eighteen (18) categories are available for nomination

5. What is the eligibility criterion/who can place their nominations?
The awards are open to individuals/companies that are eligible as per the requirements for each category

6. How do you place your application?
All individuals/firms intending to be nominated should fill in the online Google form

7. How long does it take to fill in the nomination / submission form?
Give yourself ample time to complete the form. However, take note of the deadline for submission of the form

8. Are there any charges related to placing a nomination?
No, there are no entry fees

9. Can an individual/organization place applications for more than one category?
Yes, this is allowed if they meet the specific eligibility criteria for each category. Information for each category should not be identical.

10. Are there attachments that are required during the application stage?
Please refer to the Google form for the required attachments for each category

11. What is the next step after I submit my nomination form?
You will have completed your part once you submit your nomination form. KISM will give you a confirmation on your category of participation

12. Will participants receive feedback after submission?
Yes. KISM will acknowledge receipt.

13. Will my application be treated with confidentiality?
Yes – all the applications and relevant attachments shall not be disclosed to any other person except the KISM Awards Team

14. When is the deadline for submitting the nomination forms?
27th October 2023

1.  The deadline for submission / nomination of applications is 27th October 2023 at 1700hrs (East Africa Time)

2.  Awards will be presented during the Gala Dinner in December 2023. Date and venue will be confirmed.

3.  Shortlisted organizations are required to book and pay for at least one table at the Gala Dinner

4. There are eighteen (18) categories of entry for the awards

5. Entry to more than one (1) category is allowed. Information submitted for each category should not be identical

6.  Service providers, vendors, IT/technology vendors, consulting firms are not eligible to participate, but may nominate their clients

7.  The application form and materials submitted should be filled and prepared by a supply chain profession

8.  A nominee acceptance letter is required for organizations that nominate their clients

9.  A consent letter for participation signed by the relevant authorizing officer is required

10.  Information submitted for the awards program shall be treated confidentially, and used only by the judges for purposes of adjudication

11.  The winners are expected to prepare brief publicity material in print and digital to be used during and post the event.

12.  Submissions that appear to ‘sell’ a product or company, or are otherwise viewed as marketing material rather than a clear explanation of the project will not be considered

13.  Please note that your entry will be checked and vetted to ensure your nomination qualifies for the selected category.

14. Submission of entries should be made via the google form accessible through: https://forms.gle/AQ78CxukoEDQU35F8

1. Publicity
The winning organizations will be publicized in various media channels including; press releases, KISM website, newsletter, and all the Institute’s social media platforms that reach thousands of procurement and supply chain professionals in Kenya.

2. Recognition
The winning organization will gain recognition as a supply chain leader and expert in their respective winning category. Other organizations will benchmark and consult with the firm on similar projects.

3. Share Knowledge
Through case studies and brief presentations, organizations get the opportunity to share their ingenuity in the processes that led to their success.

4. Show case your work
You will have the opportunity to present to the public your organization’s products and services. This event offers your organization a chance to showcase the uniqueness and value of your products or services.

5. Building Your Profile
Best performing organizations raise their organizations’ profiles and set the pace for excellence in supply chain practices.

6. Increased Motivation
Staff working with the winning organizations are proud to be identified with a leading firm. This in turn compels them to strive for higher performance in Supply Chain.

7. Benchmarking
Your organization will gain insights on how other organizations are tackling Supply Chain challenges.