Excellence Awards 2023

Excellence Awards

Date: 2nd December, 2023

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Award Categories

  1. Best Public Procurement Project of the Year Award
  2. Best Private Best Private Sector Supply Chain Project of the Year Award
  3. Best Supply Chain Innovation of the Year
  4. Best ICT Adoption in Supply Chain of the Year Award
  5. Team Excellence Award
  6. Best County Supply Chain Management function of the Year
  7. Supply Chain Rising Star Award
  8. Supply Chain Academic Excellence Award
  9. Unsung Hero of the year Award
  10. Best Supply Chain Research Paper of the year Award
  11. Supply Chain Diversity and Inclusivity of the Year Award
  12. Experienced Supply Chain Professional of the year award 
  13. Best supply chain student of the year award (2021/2022)
  14. Women in Supply Chain Award
  15. Humanitarian Supply Chain Award
  16. Organization applying sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices
  17. Special Needs and Persons with Disabilities in Supply Chain Award
  18. Best Supply Chain Management Curriculum of the year Award

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SPURS Awards 2022 Winners

National Dialogue Conference

The KISM Supply Chain National Dialogue Conference will provide a platform for participants across the country and beyond to underscore the role of procurement and supply chain practices from a strategic perspective. The national dialogue strives for excellence in Public and Private Procurement practices to improve service delivery.